Below is a selection of scripted projects I’ve worked on recently. For more current writing samples, please reach out through the Contact page.


A half-hour pilot about a group of midwestern teenagers attending a religious summer camp that they begin to suspect is a not-so-secret front for a conversion therapy operation. The treatment won the Pilot Season contest from OBB Pictures in 2017, and we completed the full pilot script, along with two draft revisions, in development with OBB in early 2018. The treatment and script are currently available.

  • Co-creator, with Richard Pascal, Kade Roybal, and Omar Hantash.

  • Co-writer, with Richard Pascal, Kade Roybal, and Omar Hantash.


A 5-episode digital series, available on Vimeo, about two millennial performance artists attempting to create art and activism in New York despite having no clue what they’re doing. We filmed in September 2016 and launched the series in early 2018.

  • Co-creator, with Jacob Tobia.

  • Co-writer, with Jacob Tobia and Megan Broussard.

  • Co-producer, with Eliza Bray, Ashley Goodwin, and Jacob Tobia.

  • Directed by Eliza Bray, Director of Photography Samuel Zucker. Full credits on IMDB.


My unproduced writing has advanced or placed in the following contests:

Austin Film Festival (2017)

BlueCat Screenplay Contest (2017)

Princeton Film Festival (2015)